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Our Products

Offering A Wide Range of High Quality Building Supplies To Meet Your Project Needs.

Our supply stock is constantly growing, if you have suggestions on what we should carry, please let us know and we'll do our best to bring it in.

Metal Roofing & Siding Packages

We carry a variety of premium metal roofing in both smooth and textured options for an everlasting construction. Complete install is available by contacting us.

•ABM Panel (28 Gauge Galvanized or Galvalume)

•ABM Panel Textured (26 Gauge AZ50 Galvalume)


Our Lumber Yard

We stock a variety of quality lumber at a competitive price.


•Pressure Treated Lumber (Green & Brown)

•Kiln Dried Lumber

•Spruce & Fir Plywood

•OSB Sheathing


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Bissett Fasteners & Air Tools

We stock a variety of:

• High quality fastening solutions for wood, concrete, and steel.

• Air tools intended to withstand the toughest of extreme Canadian weather conditions.

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Building supplies

We stock a variety of:

• Nails

• Screws

• Joist Hangers

• Door hinges

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Walls, Windows, & Doors

We stock a variety of:

• PVC Locwall - (Similar to Trusscore)

•PVC Locwall Trims

• FRP Panels & Trims

• Aluminum Cladding & Vinyl

• Vinyl Windows

• Vinyl Doors

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We stock a variety of:

• ABS pipe

• ABS fittings

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